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Chapters 1 & 2


Beginning at the Beginning and Rules of Context.

Chapters 3 & 4


The Covenants and the

New Covenant

Chapters 5 - 8


Dispensationalism and the

New Covenant

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Chapters 9- 14


Riches of the New Covenant and

Dispensational Camps

Video Supplements - Chapters 1 & 2

*My New Covenant Life - Fourteen studies to enrich your knowledge of the New Covenant!

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These videos relate to Chapters 1 & 2

Beginning at the Beginning and Rules of Context



 # 1 Introduction - Chapter 1 Video 1


This is the first in a new biblical studies which begins with the character of God and teaches the student how to properly understand the scriptures. It explains how the Bible's covenants were revealed…


 24 min

 # 2 Reasoning From God - Chapter 1 Video 2


Unlike every other religion known to man, biblical Christianity (emphasis on biblical) is an extension of the Person and character of a God who exists outside of His creation.  Learn whether you are a Creator based worshiper or a creation based worshiper.


28 min


 # 3 How God Speaks - Chapter 1 Video 3


We are not subject to caprice, vagary, or whimsy.  All of God's revelations are observable, consistent, and reliable.  Learn how to recognize true revelation from God and why we can rely upon it.


23 min


 # 4 Rules of Context - Chapter 2 Video 1


Bible study is not rocket science!  God intended His Word to be read and understood by all:.

Learn the Basic Rule of Context and how to apply it to your Bible study.

Learn the  Lost Rule of Context and how it has been there all along!


19 min

 # 5 Rules of Context Concluded  - Chapter 2 Video 2


God deals with men exclusively on the basis of His promises.  The major promises which span generations of time are called covenants.  Learn exactly what a covenant is and how covenants under gird all of the Bible.


29 min

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