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Beginning at the Beginning and Rules of Context.

Chapters 3 & 4


The Covenants and the

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Video Supplements - Chapters 3 & 4

*My New Covenant Life - Fourteen studies to enrich your knowledge of the New Covenant!

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These videos relate to Chapters 3 & 4

The Covenants  and The New Covenant


 # 6 The Early Covenants - Chapter 3 Video 1


After examining what folks commonly call the Edenic and Adamic covenants, we place heavy emphasis on the Noahic Covenant - a binding covenant which is very much in effect today!  Are you keeping this covenant?



25 Min

 # 7 The Abrahamic Covenant - Chapter 3 Video 2


The Abrahamic Covenant is, singularly, the most important covenant in the Old Testament. It provides us with the roots of the doctrine of justification by faith, and it authenticates our present New Covenant! Take a few minutes to expand your knowledge of this important truth. You may just be surprised!


27 Min



 # 8 A Short Discussion of Circumcision - Chapter 3 Video 3


Circumcision has been one of those subjects which refuses to go away.  Rather than discussing the health benefits of this practice, this study is devoted to the origin and purpose of circumcision, especially as it relates to God's promise given to Abraham.  While the New Covenant clearly does not require physical circumcision, there is a "circumcision of the heart" associated with our precious New Covenant.


21 Min

 # 9 The Mosaic Covenant - Chapter 3 Video 4


This wonderful covenant which paved the way for the New Covenant, was uniquely initiated and administered.  Learn about its temporary purpose and how it prepared us for the coming of Christ.


35 Min

 # 10 Christ IS the New Covenant  - Chapter 4 Video 1


Most Bible students are aware that a New Covenant was prophesied, but very few understand that it was not actually recorded in the Bible. The New Covenant is not written anywhere because it is in a Person! Learn why this Covenant is in place today, and why we need to know and understand it.


25 Min


 # 11 Messiah and the New Covenant (Part 1) Chapter 4 Video 2

The Holy Spirit as He Relates to the New Covenant and Messiah

To understand Messiah's role as the New Covenant, we must first understand the role of the Holy Spirit and the New Covenant.  Take the time to listen to this clear and easily understood description of the place of the Holy Spirit in identifying and authenticating our Messiah.


 34 Min

 # 12  Messiah and the New Covenant (Part 2) Chapter 4 Video 3


This is a continuation of the discussion of the Lord Jesus Christ and His role in the New Covenant.


32 Min

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