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Dispensationalism and the

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Video Supplements - Chapters 5 - 8

*My New Covenant Life - Fourteen studies to enrich your knowledge of the New Covenant!

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These videos relate to Chapters 5 - 8

Dispensationalism and The New Covenant


 # 13 What Is A Dispensation? - Chapter 5 Video 1


Careless definitions lead to catastrophic conclusions! Be sure you understand the biblical elements which contribute to our definition of dispensational time periods, and learn how we can communicate what we believe more effectively.


40 Min


 # 14 What Is A Dispensation? - Chapter 5 Video 2


Important conclusion and full answer to this riveting question.


25 Min


 # 15 The Shekinah Glory in the Old Covenant  - Chapter 6 Video 1


Learn first, how the Shekinah glory authenticated the Old Covenant. Then continue on through our next video and learn how you can experience this authenticating power in your own life and ministry.


31 Min



 # 16 The Shekinah Glory in the New Covenant - Chapter 6 Video 2


There is tangible resurrection power available for ministry and witness. The key to understanding it is in understanding how the Shekinah glory authenticates the New Covenant! Don't miss out on this precious treasure.


33 Min

 # 17 The New Covenant and Bible Prophecy  - Chapter 7 Video 1


In the end, the man who does not understand the two-phased ministry of Messiah will never fully understand either the New Covenant or Bible prophecy.


35 Min

 # 18 The Old and New Covenants Contrasted (Part 1) Chapter 8 Video 1


Dip your toes into the rivers of God's wisdom and bask in the exceeding riches of His grace.  Avoid the three most common errors associated with the Old Covenant and New Covenants and understand why neither Arminianism nor Calvinism can fully enjoy the riches of God's grace.  Prepare to have your first principles challenged!


46 Min

 # 19  The Old and New Covenants Contrasted (Part 2) Chapter 8 Video 2


Not sure where Old Testament commandments end and the New Covenant begins? These two videos are a must. Part B is a continuation of: The Old and New Covenants Contrasted.


44 Min

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