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Chapters 9 - 14.

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Chapters 1 & 2


Beginning at the Beginning and Rules of Context.

Chapters 3 & 4


The Covenants and the

New Covenant

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Dispensationalism and the

New Covenant

Chapters 9- 14


Riches of the New Covenant and

Dispensational Camps

Audio Supplements - Chapters 9 - 14

*My New Covenant Life - Fourteen studies to enrich your knowledge of the New Covenant!

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These Audios relate to Chapters 9 - 14

Riches of the New Covenant & Dispensational Camps



# 20 Spirit Baptism - Chapters  9 & 10 Audio 1


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a key for understanding all the dynamics and blessings. These two videos teach us how to recognize the Spirit's ministry and how to benefit from it on a daily basis.


30 Min


# 21 Spirit Adoption - Chapters  9 & 10 Audio 2


The biblical doctrine of son placing or adoption carries important doctrinal implications. Its practical value, however, is often missed. We hope you'll take the time to enjoy these wonderful truths which flow from the New Covenant!


31 Min


# 22 Messiah the Servant - Chapter 11 Audio 1 (NOT IN YOUR NOTE SET)


We can never understand the meaning of servanthood until we understand what the Bible says about Christ and His role as servant.


37 Min


# 23 The Blood of the Covenant  - Chapter 11 Audio 2


There has been a deplorable effort to diminish the role of the blood of Christ in sound Bible doctrine.  This trend is due partially to the offensiveness of the discussion of blood. Additionally, a proper understanding regarding how Christ's blood was supplied at Calvary, but applied in the Holy Place in heaven, does away with the doctrine of Limited Atonement.  Search the scriptures with us on this important subject!


50 Min

 # 24 Dispensational Camps - Chapter 12 Audio 1


This simple study helps us to understand how Classical, Typical, Revised, Progressive, and Christological Dispensational views are based on a single committment to where each stands on the all important New Covenant.


47 Min

# 25 Will the Real Kingdom Please Stand Up? - Chapter 13 Audio 1


Careless definitions lead to catastrophic consequences!  Learn the differences between God's kingdom programs!


51 Min

 # 26 Will the Real Kingdom Please Stand Up? (Continued)  - Chapter 13 Audio 2


An important continuation of our study of biblical kingdoms.


31 Min

 # 27 Will the Real Church Please Stand Up? - Chapter 13 Audio 3


This short, but very important discussion of the biblical definition of the church will save you from a world of doctrinal hurt.  Please take the time to consider this short study!


24 Min

 # 28 The Day of the Lord - Chapter 14


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