My New Covenant Life now available!

A Devotional Journey into the Heart of the New Covenant



My New Covenant Life is a warm, easy to read devotional Bible study which will grow the reader in his knowledge of God and His ways.



My New Covenant Life comes with the author!  No matter where you are on the map, you can contact Jim at any time for clarification, fellowship, or biblical guidance.



My New Covenant Life is backed by a fully developed web site which will lead the serious Bible student into deeper studies, allowing even more opportunity for study and interaction.

Dear lovers of the Word of God,


We are at a point in time when God's people have more knowledge available to them, but less understanding than ever before. While internet and our Christian bookstores are alive with biblical information, we have lost our sense of continuity and direction.  My New Covenant life makes sense out of the data by taking the believer on a step-by-step journey which begins with the character of God and ends with a fully biblical world view.


MNCL is ideal for personal study, family use, and small group studies.


MNCL is both personal and devotional as it moves us into a deeper awareness of God's plan.


MNCL is not a daily devotional book and it is certainly not a book on theology or prophecy, (though it contains sound doctrine).  Rather, it takes the reader down the path to a fuller and richer understanding of what God is doing and where each of us fit.




MNCL contains fourteen devotional, yet substantial chapters which take us from a basic understanding of God to a mature awareness of how the Spirit filled believer can come to grips with true biblical dynamics for a godly




In addition to references at the end of most chapters, we have included an entire chapter which builds family oriented lessons on each of the previous chapter themes.  Feed yourself, consider what you have learned, and then feed your lambs!




Don't be misled by the easy reading style of this book.  It is packed with Bible truth which breaks out wonderfully into dynamic Bible studies.  This book lends itself easily to small group or Sunday School studies.




More than a book, My New Covenant Life comes with a pastor to help you grow.


    • You may choose to simply read the book.


    • You may choose to go to our free My New Covenant Life web site for further printed, audio, and video resources.


    • You may choose to contact us directly for further fellowship, help and guidance.


    My New Covenant Life - the book which comes with a pastor!




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